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As a division of Dalton Ear Nose and Throat, our close relationship with on-site physicians helps to ensure that you are receiving the highest quality of hearing health care
Our Services

dalton ent hearing center We are committed to providing caring solutions to all of our patients—pediatric through geriatric. We can offer you the following audiology services from the privacy and comfort of our office:

• Comprehensive diagnostic testing for all ages
• Hearing technologies for every lifestyle and budget
• Vestibular and balance testing
• Flexible scheduling and convenient parking
• Repair and service for all brands of hearing aids
• Hearing protection for hunters and musicians
• Assitive listening devices and swim molds

Hearing Screenings & Hearing Tests

After we greet you with a smile and ask you to describe your concerns about your hearing, we will look in your ears and perform a series of easy and painless tests to see what type of hearing loss you have.

You may not have a hearing loss at all! Your ears may have impacted wax that is making it difficult for you to hear clearly. If this is the case, you will likely need only assistance to flush the wax away.

If we determine that you have a hearing loss, we will sit down with you and describe your hearing loss to you and ask you even more questions about your lifestyle and interests. Why so much conversation about your hearing? It's one of the most important things audiologists can do for their patients! People who live a quiet lifestyle, spending time watching TV and woodworking or gardening, and have conversation primarily with their spouses or families in a household atmosphere are going to have very different listening needs from someone who spends a lot of time in restaurants or sporting events. Asking questions helps us to help you find the best possible hearing solution for your unique needs!


This diagnostic test is performed by inserting a tympanometer probe in the ear canal. The tympanometer changes the pressure in the ear, generates a pure tone, and measures the eardrum responses to the sound at different pressures. Tympanometry assess the fuction of the middle ear system.

Hearing Aid Fitting & Support

Whether you're new to hearing aids or are an experienced hearing aid user, we can help you select the right instruments for your personal listening needs and fit them to each ear to ensure that you can hear clearly and wear them comfortably. And this applies to not only the day you leave our office with your new hearing instruments, but also any adjustments in programming that you may need in the coming days, months and years as you get used to wearing them.

Hearing Aids are sophisticated and delicate instruments that need good care and regular maintenance to work properly. At The Dalton ENT Hearing Center, we will check in with you to remind you when it's time to come back and visit us so that we can clean any accumulated moisture and earwax from your hearing aids and check them to make sure they are providing you with the best possible hearing clarity and comfort.

Click here to learn more about Hearing Aids and Hearing Aid Styles.

Verifit Measures

We fit all hearing aids using Real Ear Measures because we feel this method is key to making sure your hearing aids are processing sound to optimally benefit your hearing loss. With Real Ear Measurement, we place a tiny microphone in your ear canal then we insert your hearing aid. Our computer does an analysis of sounds. The results allow us to compare the sounds your hearing aids are emitting with your personal hearing prescription as based upon the results of your comprehensive hearing evaluation. We can then fine-tune your hearing aids to give you the amplification you need at all frequencies.

Hearing Aid Repair

After you make an investment in your hearing aids, you'll want to keep them in good working order to make sure you're always hearing as clearly as possible.

Like many electronic devices, hearing instruments are sensitive to moisture and their circuitry may on occasion be in need of a little more maintenance than a routine cleaning. If your hearing aids do need to be repaired, we can help. We are able to perform most repairs the same day as your visit. If we do need to send your hearing aids to their manufacturer for repair, we can provide you with a set on loan to help keep you connected with your friends and family until your hearing devices are expertly repaired.

Making sure your hearing aids are properly cleaned and routinely checked will not only help you hear better but also extend the life of your hearing aids.

Click here to visit our Hearing Aid Care section to learn more about keeping your hearing aids working their best!

Balance Testing Using Videonystagmography (VNG)

We also conduct balance testing at the request of your physician. VNG is a diagnostic test used to determine whether or not dizziness can be attributed to an inner ear disorder. VNG evaluates eye movement, measures dizziness associated with positions of the head and measures responses to temperatures of air circulated through a soft tube placed in the ear canal. This test is not part of a routine hearing evaluation.

We also provide Custom Hearing Protection, Swim Molds and Assistive Listening Devices. Click the underlined links to learn more.

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