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Patient Testimonials - Satisfied Hearing Aid Wearers & Hearing Care Patients

Our satisfied patients say it best.

"When I was given the hearing aids for the first time, it was as if a door to the outside world opened. People, especially women and children, were speaking where I could understand them much better than before. I could hear birds and crickets which I had not been able to hear. My quality of life was much better from the very first day I had the devices.

All the people at Dalton ENT Hearing Center are knowledgeable and very courteous. My doctor, Jack Hitchens, always seems to have my best interest in mind as he developed the best hearing programs for my devices. It is a no-brainer to recommend this facility to my friends.

I would ask someone unsure about trying hearing aids, “what can you lose by trying the hearing devices?” There is no down side, except maybe the expense, but the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages. The devices are so small now that you really have to look for them to see them. There is just no reason not to try them.

I would be happy to talk to anyone who is considering hearing aids. I will say that the devices are aids and not a total correction of all hearing problems, but at least my wife does not have to tell me things two and three times now. My hearing aids have saved a lot of frustration in our marriage and conversations with other people, especially women and children. I have had no second thoughts!!!"

–Steve C., Dalton, Ga

"The hearing aids made me able to participate more actively in my new environment and be more sociable.

The service has been excellent from examination, to providing help with choosing, purchasing, and adapting to the aids.

Don’t hesitate! Do it. Life after hearing better is precious and ought not to be put off."

–Cynthia L., Dalton, GA

"I am now able to carry on a conversation with several people and can hear each one. I no longer have to say, 'huh' or, 'what did you say?'

The ability to hear adds so much to the quality of life for us as well as our family and friends. It would be worth the cost just for the safety hearing can provide.

I no longer have to have the TV turned high enough for my neighbors to hear."

–Peggy K., Chatsworth, GA

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